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About the Bitcoin Debates wiki[edit]

This site is an attempt to create a collection of the strongest arguments in various debates in the Bitcoin community, with links to help readers explore the arguments and supporting data in more depth.

My goal is for people who subscribe to these arguments to think that the strongest versions of their arguments are captured accurately. If you think I'm not representing an argument accurately, am not describing it fully enough, or am missing some important argument, feel free to directly make edits to the wiki (you'll need to sign up for an account), or email me a description of the edit you'd like to see.

Fundamental concepts[edit]

There are a few concepts which are critical to understanding debates within Bitcoin, but which are often not well understood.

The Debates[edit]

Bitcoin block size debate[edit]

The block size debate is about whether to increase the maximum size of a block in the short term, and if so how much to increase the size and what (if any) automatic increases should be included in the change.

People involved in the block size debates will often accuse each other of being influenced by a conflict of interest.

Bitcoin governance debate[edit]

The Bitcoin governance debate is about how changes to Bitcoin should occur.

One side argues that it's natural and healthy for developers to propose and advocate for hard forks that would split the block chain, then let a consensus emerge as members of the Bitcoin community choose which side of the fork to follow.

The other side argues that hard forks should only be done when there is near unanimous consensus about the desirability of the hard fork.


Other material[edit]

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Probability estimates from notable people.


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